Contemporary Ideas & Designs for Modern Business

We love to take a few simple ideas, evolve them into a concept and then develop something really contemporary and exciting, something new, that challenges ourselves and the industry.

Website Development

We design, develop and host complete web solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of your business. We have clients across Europe serving a Global audience.

We also offer low cost solutions tailored to the needs of smaller local business, operating on a tight budget. Whatever your objectives, we’re here to help.

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Internet Marketing

We work with you to get your site optimised so it can be ranked highly in the search engines and therefore easier to find.

Growing your online audience can be a tricky task to accomplish without expert knowledge. We’re here to make things easier, and maximise your brand.

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Print Design

We are highly experienced at designing print media from brands and logos to magazines and brochures to adverts, flyers, stationary and everything in between.

Our affordable yet contemporary range of print & design services offers unbeatable value for all budgets. From concept, to design, print and beyond, we take care of it.

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Web Design & Development

We always work with the latest web technologies and standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create highly contemporary websites and applications. Thus,  we create great looking websites featuring superior usability which are highly functional and effective in achieving the desired customer / user experiences.

Our experienced developers and designers create websites and web applications that offer a consistent experience across all platforms and devices with responsive design that offers fast loading times, and encourages Google and Bing to list them highly.

Content Management Systems

Do you want to manage your website yourself, but don’t have the web programming knowledge? No problem. A content management system makes it possible to keep full control of your own website, with just two requirements: a computer and an Internet connection.

Manage your very own customized CMS and save both time and money. Our in-house C.M.S. known as ‘Clinical CMS’ is an customised version of the World’s most popular CMS: WordPress


Consumers spend as much as 10% of all retail trade via online purchases. Whilst this leaves a lot of room for improvement its still a very significant percentage that you could be benefiting from. A web shop is a very efficient platform to offer products and services worldwide. Our shop systems are easy to manage and fully customizable in design and functionality.

E-Commerce opens your business 24 hours a day with the potential to reach a global market.

Web Hosting & E-Mail

Code Clinic manages it’s own powerful servers operating in the cloud. Each one optimised to suit a specific role, and thus delivering optimal performance.

Our current Neumarkt Web Hosting Infrastructure is based on the Microsoft Azure platform, and consists of dedicated Ubuntu Linux Servers with MySQL, Windows Server 2012, and Dedicated Azure SQL Database V12 (MS-SQL Server 2014) instances. Take a look at our web hosting packages and great rates.

Custom Coding

Our developers are experienced in a wide range of programming technologies. We have specialists in Asp, PHP, Asp.Net, C#, JavaScript, JQuery programming languages ready to work with you on your web applications and cross platform mobile phone & tablet apps.

Whatever your programming requirements, we’d love to chat about our your needs and how we can help.

Website Redesign

Has your website been online since the dawn of the Internet? That’s great. But is it still comparable to your competitor’s websites? In the last 10 years, information technologies and web standards have changed enormously. Today, it has become necessary to have a modern and user-friendly website design to stay competitive to maximise sales.

Web Brochures

Are you not online yet because it has become customary in your business to produce paper brochures? Not anymore, we can design customised web business cards (also known as web brochures) with the necessary details to help potential clients find you and contact your organisation.

Print / Graphic Design

Our highly skilled Graphic Designers are available to create the perfect brand identity for your organisation. You maybe in the early stages of developing your branding and need a corporate identity, logo and business cards, or your mature organisation simply needs some promotional materials such as flyers and posters or a newspaper advert. Whatever your requirements we are here to help create the perfect materials to deliver your crucial message and promote your organisation and events.

Print Design

reat design will pay for itself, many times over, provided you get it right. Your marketing materials need to be functional, attractive and targeted. We’ll come up with original ideas that get you noticed, whatever your budget.

Flyer Design & Print

Our Flyer design can provide a valuable and cost effective way to get your message out to your potential customers. We provide a bespoke, high quality service to a growing number of local businesses and event promoters.


Our burgeoning mail box, means we know too well just how big a role traditional mail-outs have in the current market. That’s why its important to choose the right designers to develop the designs to get your mailshot noticed. At Code Clinic we have some amazingly talented Graphic Designers, who can make sure your print media gets the attention it deserves.

Promotional Flags

Our promotional flags are a great way to draw attention to your brand and business. Large mast flags are great outside office blocks and company heaquarters. Alternatively place a drop / sailing flag outside your store to grab the attention of passing shoppers. For conferences and events we also provide mini format flags, which looks amazing on tables.

We can take care of the whole creation process from design to print, or provide your own designs if you prefer. Prices start at just £125 plus sales tax.

Brochure Design

Code Clinic offer contemporary design of corporate brochures, annual reports, catalogues, exhibition brochures, sports club newsletters and other marketing material.

We are dedicated to the success of your project and offer highly competitive rates. We can even take care of the printing process, to make your experience even smoother.

Internet Marketing

We plan, manage, and analyze online marketing campaigns with a focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Social Media. We also consult our clients so that we can fully understand their brand, market sector and marketing goals. We do this to ensure we represent every client in the most appropriate way and deliver the true message behind their brand, products and services.

Furthermore, through our various native speakers, we manage international and multilingual online marketing campaigns, with a specialism in German – English campaigns & translation for those wishing to expand outside their Geographical position. We enjoy finding new market opportunities together with our customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Does your awesome website appear in the top 10 Google results? Or is your search engine ranking poorly? There could be something wrong with your site. Typical reasons include: code errors, an ‘over-optimized’ site, bad content, missing back-links or old web techniques. Often, the website designer has not advised his customer properly about the needs of the websites after the handover. We will not only check your website, but drive traffic to it and improve your ranking by making numerous yet subtle changes to content, and where appropriate backend elements.

Social Media

In addition to typically being free and easy to use, social networks have become a real commercial advantage, allowing readily available interaction with your target market. So, why are you still waiting to get onboard? We integrate different social networks like Twitter and Facebook into your website (Like button, Share it, Tweet it, etc), customise Fan pages, and develop a comprehensive strategy on how to share information with a network of fans and followers for maximum benefit.

Email Newsletters

Do you already have a website, but rely on old physical mailshots to engage with your market? No longer a fan of standard snail-mail greetings? Send your clients contemporary campaign specific email newsletters for better results. It’s a fact: customised e-mails are more memorable, personal, and are far more likely to be read. Furthermore, a regular newsletter keeps your clients informed about your activities and can increase the chances of them being repeat customers.

Website Content

It’s important that the content on your website delivers the correct message to everyone visiting your site. This goes beyond simply having a nice design. It must be clear who your organisation is, what it does, and why it does it. Potential clients need to be persuaded that you are the right fit for them, whether that be due to price, products, service or even personality.

Our expert copywriters will get to know you and your brand and then create the relevant content to best fit the needs of your organisation and its clients.

Banner Design

We build animated and interactive online banners in all formats and sizes. Banners help you market your business to a specific customer group and increase your website visits and sales. Having an seasonal sale? Inform your customers with our banners, and themed graphics that can be placed directly on your website or form part of an advertising campaign.

Online Video

Do you want a more dynamic and personalised way to communicate your message customers? Get your own professional web video for your company, services or products. Whether it be a seasonal message, a short tutorial or a full blown animated advert that you require, we can deliver it.

Business Support

As a local business we understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to keep your organisation / company running smoothly. You need to keep on top of so many different aspects on a daily basis whilst also trying to plan for the future. That’s where we come in! In association with our sister company ‘Biz Clinic‘ we offer a number of crucial services that ensure you can concentrate on your key skills whilst we take care of the more specialised tasks.

Whether it be keeping your website up to date, your software an I.T. systems maintained, translating documents and content from English to German, hiring and managing staff, or simply having someone to call upon to answer question and help out from time to time, we are here to help.

Business Consultancy

Our Sister company Biz Clinic offers a wide range of services to advise and support businesses of all size. Whether you need advice on employee issues, training, performance review or anything else related to running a successful business, chat to Biz Clinic

Web Consultancy

Don’t really know whether you need a website or just a small web business card? We can advise you and demonstrate the different opportunities web technologies and social media can offer to support your business activities. Together we will develop the best possible solution for your web new presence.


Do you need an introduction into the CMS of your website, or just even a refresher? Do you want to include more than one person in your CMS administration? Perhaps you need an introduction to Social Media or want to learn about other tools. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to devise a training plan specific to your needs.

Website Support

So you’ve got your shiny new website designed and developed, it’s online and everything looks great. But, have you thought about the long term?

What happens when you inevitably need to update the content and perhaps change some images? Do you have the skills in-house to keep things looking as amazingly as the did when it went online? Are your images optimised? Are things slowing down? How’s your SEO and search ranking? What does that error mean? With our flexible support plans we take the strain off your shoulders, and put our expert knowledge and skills at your disposal for a very reasonable fee.

Translation Services

Why limit your potential market and customer base to just your local region and Country, when it’s easy to do Business across Europe and the wider World? It’s become more and more important that your business can offer a good level of service in several key languages.

Whether you need to offer your website in multiple languages or you have documents which need translating, our in house team of translators are here to assist you. Our team consists of translators with native experience of German and English languages enhanced by living and actively working in both Countries.


We will be hosting regular informal sessions focusing on key areas that will help you get the best out of the web. Whether ‘Social Media’ is a buzz word too far, or E-commerce is a necessity you fear, we will be covering it in one of these workshops. Each session will focus on key areas that we get asked about on a regular basis. So don’t worry, you’re not the first person we’ve met who knows they need to get online, but doesn’t know how. Come along, learn lots, and meet local business people, all in our friendly modern environment.

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