Yoga Vidya

Client: Fr. S. Sommerschuh
Date: September 2015
Website: n/a

Yoga Vidya Neumarkt

Respected Local Yoga Classes

Mrs Sommerschuh, is a self employed Yoga Vidya instructor. She asked Code Clinic to create, design and print a tri-fold a6 flyer for her business serving the local community and surrounding areas.

Constraints / Requirements:

The Project Challenges

– Compile content from 3 overlapping sources
– Consolidate the existing flyers into 1 tri-fold format
– Update the client’s design but maintain the overall message and style


The Project Results

The flyer designs were well received by the client and subsequently printed and delivered on budget and schedule. As such, the flyers were rapidly distributed and the client required another batch be printed shortly afterwards.

Code Clinic have since revised and printed a further batch to the Mrs Sommerschuh. Subsequently, we were asked to produce and print permanent promotional materials for the clients vehicle.

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