Recording Festival 16/17

Client: Filippo Gaetani
Date: April 2016

Recording Festival 2016/17

International Music Competition Revision

The Recording Festival is a great chance for talented artists and bands to record in a great studio with experienced and musical people, meet new interesting creative humans and get feedback from game changers and passionate people to improve the craft of their art and their career.

Established by Filippo Gaetani – composer, record producer, engineer and musician. In 2000, he had chart success with a funk-soul song he wrote for the artist Malina called “By Your Side”, remixed and licensed by Tommy Boy label NY, reaching #12 on the Billboard charts.

After the great successes of previous years, Code Clinic KreativAgentur were asked to make a number of visual and user experience related updates to the site. These included a complete redeisgn of the home page with a video background, a sticky menu that remains visible at all times, improved layouts and site-wide updates to graphics and textual content.

Additionally, a number of significant ‘backend’ upgrades were made to enhance the software through which the competition is administered. This included implementing an additional round of the competition as well as adding a wide range of changes to enable different voting structures as the competition progresses.

Constraints / Requirements:

The Project Challenges

– Update existing websites without taking the site offline
– Add additional rounds to the existing competition
– Adapt existing rounds to differing formats & voting structures
– Adapt clients requests to work within revised budget
– Short time frame to complete work
– Client vetoed pre-launch testing, thus enforcing final revisions to production site


The Project Results

We were able to work with the client to focus in on the elements which would achieve the greatest improvements within the limited budget available. As such the project was able to undergo core set of significant enhancements and updates within a restricted timeframe and limited budget.

Since its launch the RecFest 2017 edition has been widely praised and has received backing from numerous industry big names and organisations. As such, entrant numbers are already well above those received in previous years.

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