Praxis Kubitschek

Client: Dr. med Klaus Kubitschek
Date: April 2017

Praxis Dr. Kubitschek

Online Presence For Local Doctors Practice

Dr Kubitschek runs a large and busy Doctors practice in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz with a team of 6 medical professionals. Offering specialist services in internal medicine and home visits, the team place a strong emphasis on making patients feel respected and cared for.

Constraints / Requirements:

The Project Challenges

– Creation of a new website for the practice
– Must be informative and patient focused
– Present a modern, friendly and caring approach
– Easy to use and navigate with strong accessibility standards
– Compliant with existing and upcoming legal data requirements
– Rank highly in search engines
– Load quickly and work / display on mobile devices and desktops
– Collaborate with 3rd party photographer


The Project Results

Code Clinic KreativAgentur delivered the full requirements of the project on time and within budget. This included the design and development of a contemporary website which portrays Dr Kubitschek and his team as both professional and caring.

Our content team created appropriate text content to deliver concise and on-tone messages that readily leads patients to the information they need in a timely manner. Visitors to the site are able to quickly find the information they need whether that be contact details for booking an appointment or simply gauging whether this is the best Doctors practice for them & their needs.

The website regularly acts as a point of contact for new and old patients, and is showing a clear correlation with new patient registrations at the practice. Since launching the Kubitschek website, we have been contracted to add new content and features on several occasions.

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Finden Sie uns in unserem neuen Büro: Bahnhofstrasse 7a, 92318 Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz