The Makers Directory

Client: Heritage Crafts Association
Date: June 2016

The Makers Directory

A Craft Makers Showcase Directory

The Heritage Crafts Association is a volunteer-led civil society organization, Registered Charity (not-for-profit).  The HCA is governed by a board of trustees (the committee), and run with the support of a co-ordinator, advisors and volunteers.

HCA approached Code Clinic KreativAgentur under unfortunate circumstances, having spent a lot of time and funds working with another media agency to create an online directory of arts & craft makers across the UK and beyond.

Having been recommended by one of their trustees -who we’d worked with previously- Code Clinic were approached to take over the development of the site and drive the project forward.

Constraints / Requirements:

The Project Challenges

– Liaise with existing developers to transition the project over to Code Clinic
– Recover the existing files and data from another 3rd party entity
– Streamline the existing site set-up which was running approximately 90 plugins
– Devise a suitable methodology to move the project forward
– Work with a non-functional site which had several hundred paid members
– Determine the intended and apparent functionality of the system without any documentation
– Make a cohesive migration plan for several key areas which used distinct and poorly integrated systems
– Small budget due to previous project failure and the charitable status of the organisation


The Project Results

Despite the highly complex nature of this project, the numerous parties involved and the many issues this has resulted in, Code Clinic KreativAgentur were able to bring this project to a welcome and satisfactory conclusion for the Heritage Crafts Association.

The project has resulted in the (Heritage Crafts Association) Makers Directory now being a website that the organisation is proud to present to its many members and the wide audience it serves to educate and promote its members to.

As such the site is now fully operational and significantly faster than at any time in its previous incarnation. Furthermore, the user experience -from the perspective of both the members and its ‘public’ audience- has been completely revamped and enhanced.

This has resulted in user interactions and satisfaction rates reaching new highs, which will in turn materialise as greater adoption of the site and increase revenues generate for the HCA charitable organisation.

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