Lichtgeschmeide Website

Client: Fr. C. Tischler
Date: February 2017


Local Handmade Jewellery

Mrs Tischler is a self employed Jewellery maker and teacher. She makes unique jewellery using a vast range of stones, minerals and resins alongside handmade adornments. She also runs regular workshops and private events at her small home studio and shop, teaching people of all ages, how to make their own jewellery.

Following on from our previous project (flyer) project with Mrs Tischler, Code Clinic KreativAgentur were asked to create an online presence for the Lichtgeschmeide services and products.

Constraints / Requirements:

The Project Challenges

– Run client mini-workshop to establish goals, themes and ideas for website
– Design & build 1 page website
– Advertise jewellery for purchase
– Advertise workshops & events
– Small budget


The Project Results

Code Clinic KreativAgentur established from the consultation workshop that Mrs Tischler needed to acheive 2 goals with the website. As a self employed person her budget was limited and so this was the first real marketing campaign of any significance. So, it was important that we were able to define this goals clearly before beginning the design process.

The primary goal of the website was to raise awareness of her business with the goal of increasing sales of her jewellery. In addition to this Mrs Tischler was keen to promote the jewellery making workshop and private events that she had recently started, and was finding success with.

Due to the very small budget available it was decided by both parties that the “Online Start” package best suited the business and financial needs of Mrs Tischler.

Online Start is our off the shelf solution offering a 1 page modern website which is customised to the clients needs for a simple low monthly fee. We took this as the starting point and customised the site layout and content to meet the clients needs.

The website has seen a high volume of traffic since its launch and in combination with the flyers Code Clinic KreativAgentur produced in an earlier project, has result in increased enquiries.

Mrs Tischlers business is continuing to grow as general awareness of the brand rises. We look forward to working with her for many more successful years.

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