Biomarkt Dinkelähre

Client: M. & F. Märtl
Date: April 2017

Biomarkt Dinkelähre

Organic & Envriomentally Friendly Retailer

Biomarkt Dinkelähre is a family run Organic & Bio SuperMarket located in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz. Across 500m2 of retail space they offer an extensive range of certified products and produce: from baked goods to cheese and meat, from fruit and vegetables to wine and natural cosmetics.

Recently handed over to the 2nd generation of the Märtl family the business is entering a new and exciting phase which is taking what started in 1988 as an organic agricultural business into a modern era embracing grander ideas and modern technology to gain a broader hold on the market.

Constraints / Requirements:

The Project Challenges

– Creation of new modern standards compliant website
– Full compliance with latest & upcoming legal regulations
– Explore the history of business alongside latest approaches
– Equally promote the various aspects of the business (Store / Bistro / Bakery / etc)
– Social Media Integrations – Cross promote selected content
– Interactive customer order processes & administration
– Multi-lingual site offering all content in German & English
– Must be appealing, secure, fast and easy to navigate and use
– Commission photographer & direct the photo-shoot in accordance with website requirements


The Project Results

Code Clinic KreativAgentur designed, coded, produced and host this modern, standards compliant website which features an enjoyable, fast, secure and legally compliant website. The site includes all of the Märtl family’s requirements in addition to a number of enhancements which we recommended over the course of the project.

The finished website is now fully translated from German to English by our multi-lingual in-house translation team. Combined with our specialist knowledge of interactive WordPress systems, we were able to ensure a smooth and effective dual language offering that creates an increased market appeal.

Special produce order forms allow customers to order breads, cheeses and meats for next day collection. Seasonal pre-order produce can also be ordered online with ease by customers and tracked by managers and suppliers.

By setting up several Social Media integrations BioMarkt Dinkelähre managers are now able to post daily Bistro menus to the website, Facebook and other social channels with ease and speed. Likewise the newly implemented mailing-list allows, customers to gain information on the latest news and offers. Meanwhile, Dinkelähre can engage it’s fans and grow it’s market awareness and appeal.

Such is the success of this project, we continue to work with the Märtl family to continually improve the site and add relevant new features. We are also currently working with Dinkelähre to refresh the company’s branding and create a new wide ranging set of marketing materials.

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Finden Sie uns in unserem neuen Büro: Bahnhofstrasse 7a, 92318 Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz