Project Details

  • Client: Yoga Vidya
  • Date: October, 2016
  • URL: n/a


Mrs Sommerschuh, is a self employed Yoga Vidya instructor, who initially contact Code Clinic in mid 2015 to produce a z-fold flyer for her business. Suprised at how quickly those were taken by potential clients and encouraged by the great feedback she received from them, Mrs Sommerschuh contacted Code Clinic in early October 2016 to produce a new flyer and accompanying business card.


  • Client is very involved with the design process
  • Design needed to reflect the overall look of the clients detailed draft
  • Refine the client’s design but maintain the overall arrangement
  • Create an accompanying business card in a complimentary style to flyer
  • Timescale of just several days to deliver product in time for a marketing event


It has always been important to the client that the business and ultimately the flyer represents her spirituality, beleifs and passion for Yoga. As such Mrs Sommerschuh likes to take a hands on approach and be heavily involved in the design process. As such we worked closely with her to layout the designs, refine her vision and prepare the resultant documents in the required formats for printing.

Once this was acheived, the flyers and business cards were sent to our printers for a high quality affordable flyer & mid weight business card products. The overall project objectives were delivered in a short overall timescale with the end products being greatly appreciated by Mr Sommerschuh.

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