Project Details

  • Client: Modern Drive Technology
  • Date: March, 2017
  • URL:


Modern Drive Technology GmbH is a subsidiary of Neumarkt company Max Bögl. Offering Telematics and related services for fleet vehicles with the purpose of lowering costs, improving costs and reducing administrative tasks.

Modern Drive were unhappy with their existing website which wasn’t fulfilling the company’s expectations from an online marketing perspective. They were looking to re-design their website in order to turn it into a more effective online marketing tool, providing information to their customers.

As a result, company asked its own software developers to create a new website using WordPress. Unfortunately, they were unable to fully realise this ambition and so approached Code Clinic to continue the project and create a website worthy of the company’s reputation and ambitions.

Constraints / Requirements

  • Work with created website platform
  • Use existing WordPress Theme chosen by Modern Drive
  • Refine & standardise existing page layouts
  • Assess existing plugins implemented & recommend alternatives
  • Replace &/or install plugins to meet clients requirements
  • Configure all relevant / necessary plugins and 3rd party platforms
  • Upgrade WordPress to Clinical CMS
  • Create custom code elements for unique functionality
  • Transfer the website to Code Clinic’s Optimised Server
  • Negotiate and manage transfer of domain name data and emails from previous providers


Code Clinic were able to acheive all of the requested objectives of Modern Drive in creating a valuable online presence for the company as a suitable marketing tool.

On receiving the partially developed site from Modern Drive, we were able to significantly reduce the number of plugins in use, improving functionality and importantly reducing the complexity of the process needed to sucessfully administer the website. Furthermore, we were able to upgrade the site to Clinical CMS using our own exclusive plugins created by the Code Clinic team. The results of which were faster page loads, high levels of security from attacks and better design cohesion across the site. As such, the user experience across the site is now of the highest level.

On presenting the project outcomes to a wide range of Modern Drive personnel and consultants, the website was highly commended by all.


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