Phill Healey

Creative Director

Phill has been designing and developing websites since the 1990’s; in the early days of the web before it was widely used.

Profile: Phill

Phill has designed and built websites since the early days of the Internet in the 1990’s. As a self taught teenager, he built one of the world’s first Internet radio stations on pocket money, an old 8MHz Pc and a ‘dial-up’ connection. The site was once recognised as one of the top 10,000 sites on the web.

Creative Director

Since then, Phill has gained numerous related qualifications including a 1st Class Honours Degree in Multimedia & Internet Technology. As a result he has had the pleasure of working in agencies in Manchester & London UK and has had has played key roles in the development of websites for IBM and the worlds leading aviation sales company amongst many others.

Key Skills

PHP Development 99%
99% Complete
.Net Development 99%
99% Complete
WordPress Development 99%
99% Complete

Other Skills

Graphic Design 90%
90% Complete
SEO 90%
90% Complete
Android & iOS Development 75%
75% Complete

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