Alke Healey

Project Director

Alke has exceptional skills in project management and customer relationships developed over several sectors, and uses these to ensure that regular communication with the customer delivers the right results for all concerned.

Profile: Alke

Alke will work closely with you throughout the project. With a good understanding of business processes and a solution oriented approach, Alke has the ability to work with all types of businesses and organisations and provide useful advice to them.

Project Director

She has specific skills in project management, as well as in developing and implementing processes and procedures. As a qualified trainer she also delivers bespoke workshops and training for Code Clinic and our clients. When it comes to customer relations, Alke is committed to define project requirements early on to then meet them in close cooperation with the team at Code Clinic.

Key Skills

Project Management 99%
99% Complete
Content Management Systems (CMS) 99%
99% Complete
Systems Software 95%
95% Complete

Other Skills

Training 99%
99% Complete
C.R.M.'s incl Salesforce 95%
95% Complete
HR Management 100%
100% Complete

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