Our Process

A blend of Agile & PRINCE2

We have a simple and highly effective phased process we follow with every project, that is tailored specifically to the scope and requirements of the individual project.

Project Management

Our core team consists of designers, developers and project managers, who have come to together from years of experience working in various fields and markets. Therefore, we feel we have a unique sets of tools and skills to bring together and make Code Clinic a well organised and efficient organisation. As a result, we have formed a simple yet effective delivery process upon which we steer our projects. We then adapt this over time as we learn from new experiences, and of course to suit the specifics of any given project. That’s why we confidently know we are a special kind of creative agency.


Our clients rave about the depth of understanding we bring to the projects we produce. This is due to our commitment to the initial Analysis of any case, product, or campaign that is brought to us. In order for the visual media to be as effective and impactful as possible, we must first determine the message they must convey for our clients.

In the  digital/marketing world, we need to understand the “secret sauce” or unique aspect of the product and brand. In the business support world, this is all about helping clients discover their requirements, weaknesses and strengths, and ultimately objectives.


Once the requirements have undergone proper analysis by our team, visual themes and media functionality are developed. In simple terms, what is the “takeaway” experience or message we want to leave the audience with.

During the Development phase we determine the best approach to deliver the message within the projected budget and timeline. We help you to decide the possible options and ultimately the ‘best angle of attack’ through which to take your project to best reach the project objectives.


All projects are first reviewed within Code Clinic via our formal proofing process prior to delivery to our clients.

After our initial review, your project will be uploaded to a secure link where it may be downloaded to print or share. We then schedule meetings with your experts, product managers, and key decision-makers to review and accommodate edits and revisions before the final deliverable is due.

This proofing process helps ensure that the project achieves the clients requirements.


Final products and presentations come in numerous formats and are delivered in the most appropriate form to meet our clients’ needs. Typically projects are delivered in person from your project lead, where digital and physical products can be delivered directly to the client.

Our clients are assured of an on-time delivery of the finest visual media / digital products / support available.

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