Alex Craig

Digital Marketing Consultant

Alex is our consultant copywriter who specializes in helping local businesses get more customers and increase sales without spending large amounts on marketing and advertising.

Profile: Alex

Whether your marketing goals are to drive enquiries & sales or simply to increase new and returning visitor numbers, Alex is able to deliver.

Digital Marketing

He has worked with customers across the Globe and has helped clients bring in over $1 million in sales. As such Alex is perfectly positioned to write SEO rich content for your site that keeps your clients / visitors engaged whilst making subtle use of signposting to gracefully guide your audience to your key objectives.

Key Skills

Copywriting 100%
100% Complete
Content Marketing 100%
100% Complete
Digital Marketing 100%
100% Complete

More Skills

Sales Design 100%
100% Complete
Market Research 95%
95% Complete
SEO 90%
90% Complete

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