Manually remove a corrupt site in IIS

We recently had an issue with a site on which the config files had become corrupt. As a result it was impossible to do anything with this site in IIS. Even the command line was refusing to remove the site.

Fortunately, Windows Server 2008 R2 and thus IIS 7.5 makes it easy to  it is very simple to edit the IIS Management Console contents.

  • On the top level of the IIS Management Console, click the Configuration Editor in the Features view
  • From thedropdown list select system.applicationHost and the sites
  • Click on the ellipsis to view the sites
  • Highlight and select “Site 2” and selct the Remove button in the action menu on the right hand navigation panel.
  • Close the window
  • In the Configuration Editor Actions menu click on the Apply button in the right hand navigation menu
  • Refresh the IIS Management Console
  • Now you should be able to that “Site 2” has been removed from the Management Console.
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Phill Healey
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Phill has been designing and developing websites since 1986 in the early days of the web. As a self taught teenager, he built one of the world’s first Internet radio stations. Since then, he's gained numerous qualifications and several awards for his work in the industry. As a result he has had the pleasure of working in agencies in Manchester & London UK, and now Bavaria, Germany.

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