Increase PHP Performance on IIS with Memchached

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Another way to speed up PHP on Microsoft Windows IIS is by using memcache.

Download the DLL for Windows via

Copy the DLL to your PHP Ext folder
Edit your PHP.ini file and add –


Save your PHP.ini file after modifying
Download Memcached files via
Create a memcache folder on your C: drive and copy the memcahed files into this folder (extracted)
Go to a command prompt and type


Type the following-

memcached.exe -d install (Enter)

Next type

memcached.exe -d start            (Enter)


net start “memcached Server”

How do you see the cache in a chart format?
Use the memcache.php file (copy to your web server directory) – Note you may have to remark out the second server or use instead of localhost.

We’ve noted some inaccuracies in the quoted ‘Server UpTime’ but this has no impact on the reliability or performance.

memcache & Moodle LMS
Note: If you are running Moodle LMS, open your config.php file and enter the following bold lines –
After the following line
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/lib/setup.php’);

Adding these new lines:

$CFG->rcache = true;
$CFG->memcachedhosts= ‘’;
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